Traject Policy Consulting
Ideas. Real Impact

Approah & Values

Context Diagnosis

Our engagement commences with a diagnosis of policy and political contexts, and an analysis of risks to attaining project objectives

Social & Political Sustainability

Ensuring that policy and institutional reforms are embraced as many citizens as possible, and by social and political elites is an integral part of our project design

Social Value & Equity

It is of utmost importance to us that we engage only in assignments which enable the private sector to grow and which enable governments to assist citizens lead happier, more fufilled lives.

Innovation & Creativity

We take great pride in our innovative approaches to the successful initiation of policy and institutional reform. This adds great value in meeting the objectives of Foundations, Development Partners and Economic Interest groupsĀ 

Catalysing Change

We devote considerable energy and time to working with government agencies and economic interest groups to explore opportunities and build consensus for policy and institutional reform. While this could be an approach to sourcing new business, we are very happy even if this pro bono work only results in the initiation of policy changeĀ 


We have access to a network of experts in private firms and public agencies with strengths in specific policy areas. Our work is mainly concentrated on analysing the need for reform and promoting the required political and social demand. We introduce clients and prospects to this valuable network to strengthen the impact of reform programmes strictly as a value addition or contribution to promoting reform